community Pedagogic support

The SciLifeLab Training Hub provides assistance in training co-creation and delivery to ensure knowledge transfer at SciLifeLab is engaging, effective, Open and FAIR, and creates sustainable and lasting learning.

Connect with us if you are planning a course, looking to upskill your user or stakeholder groups, interested in partnerships or external collaboration! We can assist with the following:

Needs assessment & training program development

We offer assessments for determining skills gaps and help develop training programs that enable team science.

Career development & lifelong learning initiatives

We can co-create skills workshops and learning paths so you and your team stay competitive with the pace of technology- and data-driven life science.

Engagement & catalytic learning

We offer strategies for ensuring your knowledge is getting across to your learners and igniting further exploration, tailored around your expertise.

Pedagogic best practices

We advise on frameworks and best practices that are supported by current research from the field of teaching.

Collaborative learning & learning culture

We provide advice and training for creating a culture of learning and collaboration in your team or organization.

Tools & technical support

Access to our suite of educational tools, platforms, and technology for setting up and delivering training.

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